Big Data Predictions 2017

Data is king in this day and age. Companies that are able to leverage the data by transforming and managing it give themselves an incredible competitive advantage over their competitors. Learn how big data and the cloud shape can 2017 and how you can take advantage of the new trends and technologies.

This whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • The era of ubiquitous machine learning has arrived
  • When data can't move, bring the cloud to the data
  • Applications, not just analytics, propel big data adoption
  • The Internet of Things will integrate with enterprise applications
  • Data virtualization will light up dark data
  • Businesses board the bus to ride the data highway
  • A boom in prepackaged integrated cloud data systems
  • Cloud-based object stores become a viable alternative to Hadoop HDFS
  • Next-generation compute architectures enable deep learning at cloud scale
  • Hadoop security is no longer optional